Sharpens any blade in a Blitz!


BlitzBlade Sharpener

  • Super fast and efficient knife sharpener.
  • Any shape, size, material or quality bladed instrument.
  • Never replace a knife again.
  • This machine will last a lifetime.
  • For dummies and experts.
  • Knives will be as good as new.
  • It really, really works!

Video's on how to sharpen different blades with the Blitz Blade Sharpener

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The one and only

Since 1998

Each pocket knife has a story. Even the bluntest of blunts can be transformed to the old favourite again. Read more…

Over the years we found that the BlitzBlade still is the most efficient and quickest way to sharpen blades.
BlitzBlade Sharpener is a Quality Performer!


For All Industries

We understand your need to provide quality work.

Curved and Serrated


Sharpen secateurs


Axes & Meat grinders

Knife Makers

Shape hard steel

Big Blades

Anything you can think of


Kitchen & Steak Knives


Necessity for every home


Barbers & Grooming



Our clients will tell you!
"Ek het my oupa se BlitzBlade ge-erf, hy werk nog perfek!"
Carel J.
Huntex 2019
"One of the best gifts I have ever received!"
Gert Grove
Facebook 2021
"Works like a bomb. Still extremely happy with mine."
Hansie Joubert
Facebook 2021
"I find fault with every tool I've bought. Nothing works like it promises. But this time, with the BlitzBlade Sharpener, I am speechless. It really, really works!"
H. Meyer
Online order 2017
Biltong cutter sharpener
The best investment I made this year! I have 5 staff in my biltong business. I gave them sharpening steels, an oil stone and a V shape sharpener, but their knives are always blunt. I then ended up spending hours at home to try and sharpen their knives as nothing frustrates me more than badly cut biltong, extra unnecessary trimmings and time lost because its takes much longer to cut with a blunt knife. That problem is now solved… A quick 10min sharpening session every morning and all the knives are good to go!!

Armand J. v. R. 2020


Why is BlitzBlade Better?

You have tried everything, now choose BlitzBlade

Wastes no time to sharpen your tools, getting you back to the job in no time. See how it is done


Toughened machine that will last a lifetime and also extend the lifespan of your knives and blades.

Tool Sharpener

Knives, scissors, pocket knives, multitools, axes, sheep shearers, steak knives, mince grinder plates, swords, all of it. 

and Steady

No experience needed, just swipe. BBS Machine is solid and sturdy, yet mobile. The “flat belt” technology offers a longer, straighter edge than can be achieved by using traditional “round” grinding wheels.


Earn extra income by sharpening knives and blades for businesses or the community.


Thousands of happy and returning customers over the years cannot be wrong.


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