The one and only

Since 1998

Each pocket knife has a story. Even the bluntest of blunts can be transformed to the old favourite again.

Over the years we found that the BlitzBlade still is the most efficient and quickest way to sharpen blades.
BlitzBlade Sharpener is a Quality Performer!

About BlitzBlade Sharpener

  • The BEST Blade Sharpener on the Market!
  • BlitzBlade Sharpener sharpens any blade in seconds.
  • Never replace a knife or scissors again.
  • Any shape, size, material or quality bladed instrument.
  • No experience needed.
  • As good as new – It really, really works!
    Vertical belt sharpener brings professional results within the grasp of unskilled sharpeners.
  • The “flat belt” technology offers a longer, straighter edge than can be achieved by using traditional “round” grinding wheels.
  • Puts a razor edge on any knife in 30 seconds.



The Golden GUIDE

The BlitzBlade Sharpener is even more unique with its custom designed metal guide-plate. This guide ensures stability when sharpening the blade.

Unique Design

Designed and manufactured especially for BlitzBlade Sharpener

Easy Adjust

Set Guide at 17 degrees for optimal results and general sharpening of multiple tools and blades.

Anchor blade

Anchors blade at an exact angle, but can be easily adjusted.

Sharp & Go

Lock and keep in position for quick sharp & go

BLADE Life Extension

Because the blade is kept at a constant angle there is less wearing away.


Easy steps to get your blade as good as new:

  • BBS machine arrives ready to sharpen. 
  • All alterations are already set for optimal results. 
  • Golden Guide recommended angle 17 – 20 degrees (already set) 
  • Do not adjust guide while sharpening
  • A permanent angle will be formed on the cutting edge of the knife

Let’s go! 

  1. Switch the Blitz Blade Sharpener on.
  2. Hold the flat side of the blade flat against the golden guide, edge to be sharpened facing upwards.
  3. Move knife upwards to connect with moving belt.
  4. Once blade connects with belt, immediately slide blade from left to right and then repeat from right to left in one smooth action. 
  5. Repeat action.
  6. Follow blade curve
  7. Test sharpness and repeat action if necessary.
Notice for Serrated knives:  Sharpen only on the reverse side (flat side, ‘behind’ the serrated edges)